Given the chance some kids will take the opportunity to use the back seat of the car to get away with all sorts of shenanigans. They will poke and prod their siblings, make faces out the window and play on the cell phone instead of catching up on homework, or reading quietly. This can not only lead to frustration and stress on the driver, but it can also lead to potential accidents when distracted with all the fuss in the back seat. So what’s the solution to the back seat shenanigans? The simple solution may surprise you…

05 Attaching to Headrest

The Back Seat Mirror to the Rescue


So you may be asking; “what exactly is a Back Seat Mirror?” This handy invention is an extra large, shatterproof, convex mirror, that will be the “tell all” to what your kids (or pets) are up to in the back seat of your vehicle. It’s easy enough to install – just use the durable straps to affix it to the headrest of your back seat – no tools required. When in place, use the swivel ball to adjust the mirror so you can see it in your rear view mirror. Then sit back and enjoy the freedom it brings to you while you are on the road.

Why Do I Need a Back Seat Mirror?


If you have infant, older children or even pets, the Back Seat Mirror will save you a lot of frustration and hassle. Once this mirror is in place you will have the extra set of eyes you need to keep the car a safe and stress-free zone. It’s perfect for new parents with an infant in a rear facing car seat. This mirror will allow you to see your baby from head-to-toe and will keep you apprised of your baby’s well-being. In addition, this mirror allows your baby to see your face – this is great when baby is suffering from separation anxiety or just gets fussy.  As your child grows, the Back Seat Mirror will keep you from guessing what all the noise is about or when your kids are getting on each other’s nerves.


Got a rambunctious dog that loves to go for car rides? Stop wondering what Fido is doing back there and keep an eye on him with the Back Seat Mirror.

02 Mirror Swivel Operation

Grab a Back Seat Mirror and put a stop to the back seat shenanigans. It won’t only save you a lot of stress, but it will make driving your kids and pets around safe and hassle-free.