Smiling Nurse Taking Little Boy's Temperature

Cool Auntie to the Rescue

I love being the cool auntie to my 3 year-old nephew and his 6 year-old sister.  I get to spoil them rotten with fun activities, yummy food and lots of gifts, then when they are all hopped-up, I can drop them back off with their parents, then go home to have a nap…it’s the best of both worlds!  However, there are times when being an auntie isn’t so much fun.  This usually happens when I have to look after the kids when they are sick and my sister can’t get the time off of work. I try my best to make the kids feel better, but inevitable I will have to administer some awful medicine that drops me down on the popularity chart.  Plus, the old-fashioned thermometer my sister has is difficult to use, hard to read and the kids hate it. Till I discovered the Thermee Non-Contact Digital Forehead Thermometer.

Time for a Better Solutionimage-5--v5

I wouldn’t be the cool aunt if I didn’t try to help my niece and nephew out – if that meant finding a better thermometer, I was on the task.  My sister insisted that her old under-the-tongue, glass thermometer was fine, but I found it was very difficult to read, plus, it has to be shaken down and sterilized after each use – this is a huge pain!  So I took to the internet to see what I could find.  Surprisingly, they have come a long way with thermometers; they can go under-the-arm, under-the-tongue and in the ear.  However, these still didn’t provide me with what I was looking for. Then I stumbled upon the Forehead Thermometer and I knew this was the one.

What is the Forehead Thermometer?

You may be asking yourself, what is a Forehead Thermometer?  I must admit, I didn’t know such technology existed, until I read everything this fantastic device can do.  First off, it’s economically priced, so you won’t have to break your budget to own one.  Second, it reads the temperature of a person’s forehead.  That’s right!  You simply scan across the forehead of the child (or adult) and the infrared technology picks up the temperature.  If your patient has an elevated temperature, the Forehead Thermometer will alarm with seven rapid beeps and the backlit screen will shine red.  It the temperature reads normal, it will have a steady tone and the screen will be backlit with a green light.  It’s that simple!

In addition, this Digital Forehead Thermometer reads in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, plus it also has a milk read button.  No more guessing the temperature of your child’s bottle, just scan the Forehead Thermometer across the bottle and it will give you the temperature inside.


Too Good to Pass Up!

The Forehead Thermometer is just too good to pass up, so I ordered one right away.  Once it came in, I immediately tried it out.  The first thing I noticed when I held it in my hand was it’s ergonomic fit – not necessary in a thermometer, but it’s really nice to have.  Then I tried it out and was amazed at the accuracy and quality of this Digital Forehead Thermometer.   After  I had thoroughly played with it, I brought it over to my sister’s.  She was impressed, as well. Even my 6 year-old niece loved it (after she took my nephews temperature, mine, her moms and the cat’s, she went to work on all her dolls).  And the best thing is after all this use, it never has to be sterilized to prevent the spread of germs or shaken down like those old under-the-tongue thermometers.  The only downside I can see with this thermometer is it’s not recommended for infants and it should never be submerged into water.


Every household should have a Digital Forehead Thermometer.  It’s not only one of the most accurate and easy-to-use thermometers out there today, it is the only one that will read the temperature of bottled milk.  Grab a Forehead Thermometer and take the guesswork and frustration out of your child’s (or nieces and nephews) next fever.