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Children’s Book About Indoor Activities

FavoriteIndoorActivities-200x300It’s nice to get the kids outdoors, but sometimes this isn’t always possible. But no worries as there are plenty of indoor activities kids can engage in that doesn’t require a remote, or a game controller.

When amusing kids indoors, it is often times easier to let the television or computer do the work; however, kids need some variety and a way to have fun outside of the technology. If your children are younger, let them set up an indoor campground. Couch cushions, a large sheet or blanket and the sofa itself can become a cozy tent. Add in a flashlight, some camp snacks and your kids can entertain themselves for hours. For added fun, do some microwave S’mores.

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Children’s Book About Guns

Guns-Cover-NewIn America, there are approximately 270 million firearms possessed by civilians, and only 897,000 carried by police.

This is a shocking statistic, but not a surprising one. It seems like everyone and their grandmother is toting a gun now. Why? Has the world gotten more dangerous? According to statistics, around 33,000 Americans in 2011 fell victim to gun-related deaths – or are we just arming ourselves more than we did 20 years ago?

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