I’m Confident With My Backseat Mirror In Place

I’m a grandfather and also a retired Physical Education teacher, so I now fill my days with my grandchildren, plus I also coach a children’s league soccer team at the public school around the corner from my home.  I love spending quality time with my 6 month-old grandson and his 3 year-old brother.  And when I’m not with them, I have my coaching work to keep me busy.  Being both a grandfather and a coach gives me the responsibilities of toting kids around in my large SUV.  I’m a great driver, but when you have a lot of children in the back of your vehicle, it can get hectic, so I have invested in a Backseat Mirror to enable me to have “eyes in the back of my head.”


The Backseat Mirror is a Handy Device


08 Alternate ViewIf you aren’t familiar with the Backseat Mirror, it is simply a large mirror that snaps onto the headrest of the backseat of your vehicle – no tools are required as it comes with durable, adjustable straps and strong snaps.  With the help of someone in the backseat, they can adjust the swivel ball on the base of the mirror until you can see it in your rearview mirror. That’s it!  It is even stylish enough to match any interior.


How the Backseat Mirror Has Helped Me


02 Mirror Swivel OperationThe Backseat Mirror is a great tool to have when I’m taking my grandchildren out.  The youngest little fella is still in a rear facing car seat, so this mirror allows me to see his little face at a glance.  It also allows him to see my face.  This is perfect for when he starts to fuss, as he can see me making goofy faces a him, which usually makes him giggle and smile.


Mirror with Child View 1AI have also put this mirror to use when I’m travelling with the soccer team.  I’m able to see if the kids are behaving or fooling around in the back seats.  This little device saves me a lot of stress and hassle, plus the kids know I can see them without turning around, so it tends to work as a deterrent before anything serious starts.


The only thing that may be a negative about the Backseat Mirror, is really dependant on the driver themselves.  It can be a bit distracting if you tend to look more in the mirror for the children then using the rearview mirror for traffic.  However, it would be worse if you are in the habit of actually turning around in your seat.


Why I recommend the Backseat Mirror


09 Backseat MirrorI have found the benefits of this Backseat Mirror to be far and wide. I have even purchased one for my son’s car and for my wife’s.  Even if you don’t have children or grandchildren, the Backseat Mirror can be used to watch your pets. I know my friend’s dog is a real pain when it gets into the car to go to the vet – it suffers from anxiety and car sickness – so with this mirror in place my friend can watch his dog’s behavior and monitor when he may need to pull over.  He was so pleased with my find, that he has also installed one in his daughters car so she could watch her baby while on the road.


04 Mirror Attachment SystemMy wife has also used her Backseat Mirror when she was hauling her baked goods over to the church.  A toppled cake and sliding pie filling are never too appealing, so at least my wife could see in a glance if her sharp corner taking has ruined her prized goodies and if she needs (once again) to go to the bakery to replace them.


The Backseat Mirror is one of those simple devices you didn’t know you needed until you have one.  Order one today and start driving your kids, pets (and even baked goods) around with the peace-of-mind all drivers long for.