Children’s Book About Turtles: A Kids Picture Book About Turtles With Photos and Fun Facts


It is funny how we think every reptile that wears a shell on its back is automatically a turtle. This just isn’t so. There are turtles, terrapins and the tortoise For the most part, the tortoise is pretty easy to distinguish from the other two. Tortoises live on land in the warmer parts of the world. They eat mostly plant material like, grasses, weeds, flowers, leafy greens and fruits. Plus, they can reach weights of over 400 pounds (181 kilograms)!

The tortoise has a tremendous lifespan, some can live upwards to 85 years, while the Giant Tortoise has been known to reach over 150 years-old. Like their shelled-cousins, tortoises also dig burrows to lay their eggs in. Once the female covers her eggs up, she is finished with the mothering process and the hatched babies have to fend for themselves.

The mistake most people make when identifying a genuine turtle is confusing it with a terrapin. But its not difficult to do since there are over 300 different species of these shelled reptiles. Let’s look at the difference


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All About Turtles

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