Raising children is an awe-inspiring responsibility. Parents try to protect children while encouraging them to be active and involved. Often, these goals seem contradictory. With playgroups, school, day care, and sports, children are always moving from one germ-laden location to the next. UsingThermeeTheNewNonContactThermometerInTown_V01_3DParents keep track of children’s health with glances, touches on the forehead, and an unconscious awareness of every wheeze and cough. When something seems off, they reach for a thermometer. The Thermee, a non-contact digital thermometer by Ginger Hill Creations, provides a quick, accurate reading, without interrupting your child’s activities.

Any playgroup or classroom is a breeding ground for germs. This is increasingly true since the economic downturn. Public schools are strapped for funding. Custodial staffs are often reduced by half. Much as they try to maintain high standards of cleanliness, it simply isn’t possible. The story is the same in non-profit organizations, sports centers, churches, and parks nationwide. A child’s home can be spotless, bright, and dust-free, but the rest of its environment is less wholesome.

image-6The Thermee digital thermometer is a reliable way to screen your child for a fever. Unlike an oral stick thermometer, the child doesn’t have to sit still, pursing his lips to hold the thermometer in place. Instead, the parent passes the Thermee in front of the child’s forehead without touching him. A 2013 study in Consumer Reports indicates that children preferred forehead-style non-contact thermometers to oral or ear-style thermometers. As it never touches the skin, it doesn’t irritate a child as a stick thermometer can do. In just a second or two, the child’s temperature is displayed in easy-to-read format.

02 Box Thermee Certificates v2The Thermee features up to 20 memory modes. This make it suitable for use by several family members, recording the readings for each in separate memory banks. It gives a visual and audio alert if a fever is 100 degrees or more. If there’s no fever, it displays an all-clear. This means that a sleeping child can be left sleeping. There’s no need to wake her up or turn on a light. If there’s a fever, the Thermee will tell you.

Moreover, the Thermee is suited for all ages, from infant-care to elder-care. Elderly people are quite prone to illness and infection, particularly pneumonia, urinary tract infections, and gastritis. A low-grade fever is an early warning sign of any of these, and many others. However, with many elderly people, even 99.5 degrees is considered a fever. It’s essential to have a n accurate, efficient thermometer. The Thermee has been successfully tested in hospital and clinical settings. Medical experts attest to it accuracy, efficiency, and record-keeping abilities.

IMG_1717Elderly people often have compromised immune systems. Some of these are due to ailments like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus. Their bodies have a great deal of trouble fighting off infections. Tracking an elderly person’s temperature from day-to-day is an excellent safeguard against serious illness. By using a Thermee’s memory mode, it’s easy to detect that slight-but-significant jump in temperature. If illness occurs, continued tracking helps a caretaker provide accurate information to a doctor.

612l5OVpatL._SX522_The Thermee’s temperature is reliable, no matter what the room temperature might be. It runs a self-test whenever it’s operated, to verify its accuracy. It notifies you if power is low. It uses common AAA batteries, commonly available at many grocery and drug stores. There’s another interesting feature – it can be used to test the temperature of milk to make sure it’s safe to drink. This can be handy when a family is on an excursion.

All in all, I found the Thermee non-contact digital forehead thermometer to be easy to use, accurate, and reliable. I particularly like the ‘non-contact’ idea. It can be so easy to transmit germs from a sick person to someone else. I wipe the Thermee down with an antiseptic wipe occasionally, but I don’t have to use plastic covers for every use.

01 Box Thermee Certificates v1Consider keeping a Ginger Hill Thermee non-contact thermometer in your medicine chest, and pop another into your first aid kit. Its quick, accurate readings won’t interfere with your family’s life. It will help you keep an educated eye on their general health. You can catch the early warning signs of strep or other infections. In elderly adults, you can prevent a mild illness from escalating into something far worse.

Most of all, a Thermee thermometer provides peace of mind. Just store the temperature readings in the Thermee’s memory. Then you’ll have the information your doctor needs to ensure a correct diagnosis.