All women wish to enjoy a strong sand sexy lean body. However, various factors impede this such as pregnancies and poor diets. For his reasons, there have emerged a myriad of dietary and working out programs promising women a beautiful body in record time. The weight loss industry today has become packed with numerous fitness gadgets and gizmos that are peddled by unethical marketers whose main purpose is to separate innocent people from their hard-earned money. The hastily growth of such a market has resulted in ineffective programs being sold. It is therefore important for someone to perform thorough research before settling on anything. The Venus factor is one of the most popular diet due to its remarkable results that have been experiences by a large number of people. This system has become a game changer in the weight loss industry as it has taken a totally different route in addressing weight problems in women. This article attempts to product Review: in its totality going in depth into John Barban’s women diet program.