Naturally, women have a double amount of leptin as compared to men. Therefore, the above process does not happen easily in women as it does in men. The reason behind this is that leptin resistance impedes the transmission of the signals sent by leptin to the brain. Women therefore end up finding it very difficult to lose body fat and calories. The situation becomes extreme after pregnancy when their inability to receive leptin signals increases.


John Barban’s program is not only centralized on calories counting, food composition and meal planning, it is also based on his unique dieting approach that stimulates leptin sensitivity. It involves the consumption of a specific herb that is very effective in reducing leptin resistance. This will improve a person’s general fat loss and metabolism.

The contents of the program

The Venus Factor consists of three main components. Firstly, it offers a manual that outlines all the steps to be followed. All the information an individual requires to successfully complete the total leptin diet plan is provided. It also features a workout system of 12 weeks with everything completely broken down. The program also comes equipped with an application that allows an individual to speak with his Virtual Nutritionist. Lastly, the buyers are given access to the Venus Community forum and chat room, where they can discuss their individual progress.

So, what are the advantages of the Venus Factor?