06 ina-handIf you are a mom or a dad, you may have experienced the frustration and stress of your child having a fever.  These can be scary and unpredictable, but there is a way to take the guess work out of a fever.


Thermometers were made to help doctors and parents to gauge the temperature of their patients. But with so many options on the market today, how can you be sure you’re getting the best one?  Glass thermometers are old-fashioned and need to be shaken down before using.  Plus, it has to stay at least five minutes under your child’s tongue or up their bum in order to get an accurate reading – this is impractical, to say the least.


image-5--v5Digital thermometers are definitely better than glass ones.  They are faster and give you a digital readout, so you don’t have to guess where the little red line is sitting. But these still need to be sterilized between uses and for a sick child, taking their temperature under the tongue can still be a hassle.  So is there a better alternative?  There sure is.  Read on…




The Forehead Thermometer

The forehead thermometer uses the latest in technology to make taking your child’s temperature a cinch. This device uses an infrared mechanism that measures the energy being emitted from the forehead.  This is then focused through the lens and converted to a digital reading by a thermopile and a measuring circuit.  In simple terms, you simply press the button and scan it across your child’s forehead.  It’s that easy, really.  It never makes contact with the skin, so you never have to worry about spreading those cold and flu germs.  In addition, it will also measure the temperature of bottled milk – shaking it on your wrist can now be a thing of the past.

No Age Limits

When children are babies, it’s recommended that you take their temperature through their rectum.  For a new parent, this can be scary – the baby is fussing and feverish and now you have to insert this up into their bum and wait around five minutes for it to get a reading.  One of the great things about the forehead thermometer is you never have to poke, prod or invade your little one.  Plus, because all it takes is a quick scan across the forehead, it can be done when the child is fast asleep.

As your children grow, this thermometer will still be there to work its infrared magic.  Older kids can scan their own foreheads whenever they may feel yucky.  It’s also perfect for adults and the elderly.  Every home, day care, nursery, babysitter, school nurse and old folks home should have a forehead thermometer on hand.

There’s no sense fooling around with those old thermometers when you can have the ease-of-use with the new forehead thermometer.  It will soon become your first line of defense when your child is feeling sick.