If yoimage-6u are in charge of small children, the elderly, or someone with a disability, it may be difficult to know when they are feeling ill.  Traditional thermometers do their job; however, they can be difficult to use if the person feeling sick is unable to hold it under their tongue for the required length of time.  There is always a rectal thermometer, but unless the patient is a baby, these are no longer a feasible idea.  So what’s a caregiver to do?  Welcome to the world of thermometer freedom with the forehead thermometer.  It’s revolutionizing the temperature-taking process.

About the Forehead Thermometermeasured-thermee-V1

Unlike traditional thermometers that have to be shaken down and held under the tongue, the forehead thermometer is as simple as a click and a scan.  Here’s how it works.  The forehead thermometer is designed to pick up the infrared energy that is emitted from the forehead.  This energy is then focused through a special lense and converted into a temperature value by a thermopile measuring circuit.  Simple put, you press the button, scan your patient’s forehead at a distance from 1 to 6 centimeters, then read the digital number on the screen.  To make it even easier, the forehead thermometer will sound with seven rapid beeps and light-up with a red backlit glow when a fever is present (normal temperature will have an even sound and be backlit with a green light)  This takes all the guess work out of identifying the presence of a fever.

In addition, the forehead thermometer also has a “milk-mode” button.  This will let you scan a bottle to tell you where the temperature of the milk is sitting.  Forget about that messy splashing on the wrist to gauge the heat, when the forehead thermometer can read it in a flash.  Clean and simple!

Easy Peasy

Another wonderful feature of this handy device is the fact that it doesn’t discriminate against age or physical abilities – if you can reach the patient’s forehead you can get a temperature.  And since the forehead thermometer never comes in contact with the skin you will never have to worry about sterilizing between uses. Plus, you can even take the temperature of the person sleeping.  This is perfect for small babies that tend to get very cranky when woken up.

If you have never really thought about thermometers and you are a caregiver, you may want to give some serious thought to investing in a forehead thermometer.  It is the smart choice of thermometer technology and will always be ready to be your first line of defense when a fever strikes.  Grab one today, you won’t be sorry.