Have you ever been driving along with squabbling kids in the back seat, a crying infant or a pet that just won’t settle down? This can be very trying on the nerves, especially when you want to turn around to check out the chaos. This is not only impractical, but it can lead to dangerous driving habits and potential accidents. So what is a parent to do? The answer is so simple, yet practical, you will wonder why you have waited so long to do it. It’s called, a Back Seat Mirror and it’s here to give you peace-of-mind.


What is the Back Seat Mirror?


Not only will this handy device save you a lot of stress, it is practical and easy-to-use.  Simply take this extra large, convex mirror and affix it to the headrest of your back seat – it comes with durable straps that will withstand the bumps and bends from constant driving.  Once on the headrest, use the handy swivel ball to position it into place, so you can see it from your rearview mirror.  In addition, it also has a sleek design that looks stylish and is made from shatter-proof materials – including the glass!


Why Should You Install a Back Seat Mirror?

If you have any age of children or pets you regularly take on the road with you, the better question may be, why shouldn’t I install this handy invention?


09 Backseat MirrorThe Back Seat Mirror is great if you have an infant in a rear-facing car seat.  This mirror not only gives you a head-to-toe view of your snuggly bundle, but your baby will also be able to see your face in the mirror itself – this is a great way to help settle a fussy baby.


As your child ages, this mirror will be your own personal ‘eyes on the back of your head.’  It will let you know if you child is sleeping, busy doing their homework, or fooling around with their siblings or friends.


The Back Seat Mirror will also help you gauge your dog or cat’s behaviour, which can save you from cleaning up after a car sick animal, or one that is anxiously running around or chewing up your upholstery.


Perfect For…


Once you experience the effectiveness and ease of the Back Seat Mirror, you will want to share the news with all your friends and family.  This mirror makes the perfect gift for baby showers.  New moms will love the fact that they will always know what their baby is up to and the stress-free environment it provides while they are driving.


07 Attachment HarnessAre you a first-time dog owner, or love to travel with your pooch?  Then this mirror will save you time and hassle each time your canine-companion gets into your vehicle.


Grab a Back Seat Mirror and travel with the ease and enjoyment you deserve.  The Back Seat Mirror, so simple, yet so effective.