When you have a child, it seems everything you need for he or she, comes with pages of instructions and a lot of assembly required.  This can be frustrating and very time consuming.  But there is one accessory made just for your car, that will bring you peace-of-mind and does NOT require any tools.  It’s called the, Back Seat Mirror and it is quite possibly the best invention since the car seat.  Read on to discover why you need one of these handy devices and be pleasantly surprised at its ease of installation.


The Back Seat Mirror ~ So Simple

Back Seat Battlefield? Get a Back Seat Mirror

The Back Seat Mirror is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you get one.  This handy device is simply an extra large, convex mirror that attaches to the headrest of your back seat.  It comes with durable straps that you simply tighten into place.  Once installed, just move the swivel ball so it is positioned with the Back Seat Mirror showing in your rear view mirror.  Now comes the fun part.  This mirror allows you to see what is going on with your infant, older kids or even pets in the back seat of your car, without having to turn around.


The Back Seat Mirror is Perfect for…


If you have a new baby, you have to have a Back Seat Mirror.  When you place your infant in a rear facing car seat, the Back Seat Mirror will be your eyes to everything your little one is doing and feeling.  The convex design will give you a head-to-toe view of your child and not only that, your baby will be able to see your face in the mirror – this is great for cranky babies that need the added reassurance of mom or dad’s smiling face.


cartoon-2-version-3As you child grows, the Back Seat Mirror is handy to have for catching kids when they fooling around in the back seat or for keeping an eye on what they are doing.  Imagine knowing if your kids are poking each other, playing on the cell phone or doing their homework (like they’re suppose to be doing).  This handy mirror is perfect for long trips, or just quick jaunts out about town.  It’s also perfect for when your pets are in the car – no more stress chewing or running back and forth – keeping an eye on your dog can save you both hassle and expense.


Installing a Back Seat Mirror doesn’t require any tools or lengthy explanations.  It’s affordable and simple to use and will provide you with years of stress free driving, whether you have an infant, toddlers, kids, teens or pets, this mirror will be your eyes in the back of your head that you have always wished you had.