Mirror with Child View 1AAnyone with kids knows it’s tough to concentrate on driving when you have little ones (or teens) in the back seat of the car – kids in small cramped spaces tend to get on each other’s nerves after a while.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see exactly what is going on back there, without having to turn around in your seat?  Well I have good news, you can have your very own “backseat babysitter” without jamming another person in the back of your vehicle.  This handy little invention is called, the Back Seat Mirror and it may just save you a lot of time and stress.


The Back Seat Mirror to the Rescue

The Back Seat Mirror is, perhaps, one of the simplest inventions, yet it is so practical and inexpensive, every vehicle should have one.  This handy device consists of an extra large mirror, a swivel ball and durable straps.  All you do is strap it to the headrest of the backseat passenger side, adjust the swivel ball until you can see the mirror in your rearview mirror and let the show n’ tell begin.


03 Mirror Theory of OperationIf you have an infant, the Back Seat Mirror can be positioned so you can see head-to-toe of your precious cargo in his or her rear facing car seat.  This is great for when your baby is fussing or to just have peace-of-mind that all is well back there.  For older children, this mirror will let you know if they are annoying each other or getting into something they shouldn’t be.  The Back Seat Mirror is even great if you have pets in your car.  No more chewing of the upholstery when you have your back seat babysitter on duty!


The Back Seat Mirror Is Perfect for…?


05 Attaching to HeadrestAfter I installed and fell in love with my Back Seat Mirror, I bought one for my best friend’s baby shower.  She loved it and it will definitely outlast any of the onesies and toys the baby received, plus it gives my friend the peace-of-mind when she is driving around with her baby.  In addition, if her little one is cranky and will only settle with a car ride, as so many tend to get, the Back Seat Mirror will let her know if the baby has finally fallen asleep or if she has to take another trip around the neighborhood.


02 Mirror Swivel OperationThe Back Seat Mirror is also perfect for grandparents, babysitters, or anyone that will have your children in their car.  Trust me, this handy device has saved me a lot of stress and heartache, even in the short time I’ve had it in place – I have even found myself using it when I have tippy groceries or other items (like my gorgeous potted fern I found at a steal) – I can keep an eye on these things to make sure nothing has fallen off-kilter.


The Back Seat Mirror is a must-have for everyone.  Trust me, whether you have kids, animals or just cargo in your back seat, this mirror will come in handy for all occasions.