Drowning is one of the leading causes of the accidental death among younger kids. Around seven hundred children are getting injured and are dying as the result of drowning every year. This number is more than any other kinds of accidents including the cars’. So, it is always advisable to teach your little one swimming from an early age to avoid this kind of tragedy. Swimming will keep your baby active and  teach him how to protect himself in the water. Even though your baby is a good swimmer, you should not leave him alone in the water. Toddlers need to be accompanied by an elder family member while being in the water.

It is not easy to teach swimming to younger kids. You should adopt some fun and interesting ways to teach swimming so that your baby will find it interesting and  enjoyable, and will be interested to learn it. You can buy a Teach Baby to Swim two -DVD courses introduced by Christiana Williams for this purpose. This video gives every detail of how to teach your toddler swimming in an easy and comfortable way. It offers step by step procedure and many fun and interesting ways of teaching swimming that will be enjoyable both for the parents and the toddler. By teaching swimming to your younger children, you will waterproof your baby and will reduce the chance of drowning.

Why is swimming important?