This guide is divided into 17 chapters for the parents’ better understanding, and they are as follows:

Chapter 1 is about the background of potty training and the different training adopted in different countries and other such information.

Chapter 2 talks about the right age to start the training.

Chapter 3 provides information that will help the parents to know if their kid is ready for the training or not.

Chapter 4 is there for the parents; it guides and prepares the parents for the training.

Chapter 5, on the other hand, is about preparing the kid.

Chapter 6 will teach the parents to make up a schedule and a potty training calendar.

Chapter 7, cleverly named as Equipment Arsenal, is about how to execute the training effectively.

Chapter 8 is about the 3 day training method.

Chapter 9 will help the parents to understand Bowel and Urination movements.

Chapter 10 will teach the correct ways to wipe the bums of the kids.

Chapter 11 is the chapter in which Carol talks about the differences between twins’, girls’, boy’s trainings and other such.

Chapter 12 is about potty training kids with different diagnosed disorders.

Chapter 13 will talk about the problems parents will face during this training and how to overcome them.

Chapter 14 will let the parents know when to consult a doctor.

Chapter 15 is about the steps to take when the kid is outside.

Chapter 16 is all about Follow up support.

And lastly, Chapter 17 is tips to maintain healthy toilet habits.

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