bigstock-Girl-Doing-Potty-Training-With-79952780smallCarol Cline is a mother as well as a bestselling author who have studied the different behavioral patterns of children which allowed her to come up the many helpful methods which the “Start Potty Training” contains.

She is also the owner of a successful daycare and thus she is in charge of guarding and taking care of many children on a regular basis. The readers of this book are getting to read about real life experiments and examples that are used by Carol Cline on children of different temperaments. She has gained result from the methods and thus she has decided to share her methods in this EBook to help others in need.

What makes “Start Potty Training” special?

This EBook happen to talk about topics which includes the difference between potty training girls and boys. Besides this, it also covers other important topics like potty training while travelling and potty training twins. The creator, Carol Cline also included notes to improve parenting skills and also tips for handling difficult situations like fear of bed wetting, pooping, throwing tantrums among many others.

What is included in this EBook?