The days of the gAlways Be Prepared with the Forehead Thermometerlass thermometer are on their way out.  There’s a new and improved thermometer on the market that is getting rave reviews from parents everywhere.  The forehead thermometer is quickly making its way to the top must-haves for new moms and dads and also with parents of older children.  This thermometer knows no age limits and can even be used in nursing homes, daycares, schools and for everyday use.  Check out what this handy, convenient and accurate little device can do for you and your family.


How it Works

The forehead thermometer takes the latest in 21st century technology putting it to use in this state-of-the-art thermometer.  The NON-contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer is used by scanning the person’s forehead from a distance of 1 to 6 centimeters.  The infrared picks up on the energy being emitted from the person.  This is then focused through a specialized lense and converted to a temperature value by the thermopile and measuring circuit.


This may sound really technical, but basically you press a button, scan your child’s forehead and wait for the read.  If you child has a fever, the Forehead Thermometer will quickly alarm with seven rapid beeps and the device will have a red backlit screen.  If everything is normal, there will be an even tone and the screen will remain green.  The Forehead Thermometer also has a memory, so when you are tracking a fever you will have all the previous temperatures at your fingertips for quick reference.


In addition, this thermometer also has a “milk-mode” button.  Once in this mode you can scan a bottle of milk to safely, quickly and accurately measure the temperature, before you give it to  your baby.

Take It Along

Girl with Thermometer on Forehead cartoon brown hairAnother great thing parents love about the Forehead Thermometer is it can be easily packed and taken along on trips, overnight getaways or even tucked into your purse for emergencies.  It can be frightening when your baby or child suddenly becomes ill.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tell right away if it is a fever brewing?  The non-invasive, accurate and germ-free Forehead Thermometer can be your first line of defense when dealing with a fever.


If you have a baby shower coming up, give the gift that will last a lifetime with the Forehead Thermometer for the first time mom.  She can use this when baby is teething, right up to the time he or she leaves for college – they will NEVER outgrow it!


Get a Forehead Thermometer today.  It is leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional ones and will prove to be a wise investment down the healthcare road of your family. Parents around the world are all discovering it’s far superior to the old technology.