Do you remember when your mom or dad used to say; “don’t be a tattletale?”  I  sure do.  I was one of those bratty little sisters that always felt the need to keep my mom updated on the latest “breaking news” of my older siblings.  Sure it may have been nothing huge, but to my little mind, it was a way to get them in trouble.  It eventually backfired on me as I believe my mother got tired of always having to investigate my latest findings and bought into the motto, “ignorance is bliss…as long as the house isn’t on fire and nobody is bleeding.”


The Back Seat Mirror Goes to the DogsHowever, there is a time when having a tattletale is helpful.  I’m talking about those times in the car where you know your kids are up to something, but aside from turning around in your seat or pulling over, you are pretty much oblivious to the back seat goings-on.  With this in mind, let me introduce you to the Back Seat Mirror.  It will be your own personal back seat tattletale (that won’t stand by with a smirk on its face and a brooding sibling around the corner).


What is a Back Seat Mirror?


The Back Seat Mirror is one of those inventions that is so simple you ask yourself…why didn’t I think of that?  This handy little device consists of an extra large, convex mirror, durable straps and a swivel ball – that’s it!   It’s easy to install (no tools required) you just strap it around the headrest of your back seat, position it so you can see the mirror in your rearview mirror and let your own personal tattletale keep you apprised of what’s going on behind your back.

Why Do I Need a Back Seat Mirror? 


The Back Seat Mirror, AKA the Back Seat BabySitterThe Back Seat Mirror is perfect for parents with children of any age – from infant to teens.  When you have an infant in a rear-facing car seat, your little one will always be able to see your face in the Back Seat Mirror – this can be a great comfort to a cranky baby.  In addition, because of this mirror’s convex design, you can see your baby from head-to-toe – no more guessing if your child has fallen asleep or is gearing up for a crying session.


If you have older children or tend to be the designated driver for all those sporting events or kid get-togethers, the Back Seat Mirror will provide you with the extra set of tattling eyes that you need to keep kids from engaging in wrestling or poking matches.


08 Alternate ViewDon’t depend on one of your (or somebody else’s) child to become the back seat tattletale, grab a Back Seat Mirror and let your driving days be the way they were meant to be – getting from point A to point B without the fuss and worry of bored or unruly behaviour.