There are 3 different eBooks available with this Law of Attraction for Kids. All these eBooks will help the parents as well as the children to achieve a great future with some goals to achieve. These are:

– The Secret Of Making Wishes Come True

– How To Get The Things You Want

– Go For Your Goals

All the 3 eBooks help you to provide information regarding how to put an end to future struggle of your child and get a better future. These eBooks will help them to learn and empower themselves to succeed whatsoever the situations and circumstances are. The awesome techniques offered by this book will them to feel self efficient and sufficient to face whatever comes along their way. They understand what goals they have to achieve and how to achieve it. This is very much essential to learn at an early age so that they can be prepared for the future.


The eBooks are mainly for the busy parents who can learn on the go. It is available in the audio version and thus you can listen to it anytime and anywhere. It contains the entire guide for the parents on how to guide your children and get them ready for their future. This is highly beneficial and can help your child to make a better future. ‘The Secret of Making Wishes Come True’ is for setting goals and to visualize for achieving them. ‘How To Get The Things You Want’ is for achieving the goals and you can have fun executing it.The last one is for the parents to help and train the kids to visualize.