Anyone05 Baby with Thermee with a new baby knows the traditional way to take a baby’s temperature is through the rectum.  This is done with a glass rectal thermometer designed for this purpose. But it can be awkward and scary for the first time parents.  As your child ages you have to invest in a new thermometer that will go under the tongue.  These can be glass, which will take around five minutes to get an accurate reading or you can go the digital way.  These are used under the tongue and are a lot faster to get a read from than the glass thermometers.
However, the downfall of each is they both require cooperation on your child’s part and they have to be sterilized between uses in order to prevent the spread of germs. No one wants to struggle with a cranky child or worry about whether the thermometer was properly cleaned before they use it, especially when you are in the midst of an illness.  So what can a parent do?  Read on…

Forehead Thermometerimage-5

The forehead thermometer takes the hassle, frustration and anxiety out of taking your baby or older child’s temperature.  This handy little device uses 21st century technology to read the temperature of a human forehead.  It takes the infrared energy being emitted from your child, focuses it through a special lens, which is then converted to a digital temperature. Basically you press the button, scan the forehead and let the thermometer do the rest.  If your child has a fever, the device will sound with 7 rapid beeps and the reading will light up with a red backlight (normal temperature reading will sound with a long ring and a green backlit). In addition, it can also read the temperature of bottled milk, so you will never have to guess whether it is too hot or too cold.

Parents love the ease-of-use the forehead thermometer provides.  It never comes in contact with the skin, so you never have to clean it between uses, avoiding the spread of those nasty cold and flu germs.  Plus, the forehead thermometer also comes with a digital memory.  This is perfect for tracking your child’s fever, so you will always know how it is progressing.

Everyone Should Have One

The forehead thermometer is one of those handy devices every household should have on hand – you never know when a fever will strike.  Other places like daycares, nursing homes, babysitters, and the school nurse should be ready with the forehead thermometer for their first line of defense in fighting cold and flu bugs.  This thermometer is perfect for any age, especially the very young or the very old.  Unlike the traditional thermometers where the patient has to be awake to take their temperature, the forehead thermometer can be easily scanned without ever disturbing the person.

The forehead thermometer is the new kid in town and is making the rest of the thermometers become obsolete.  Grab one today and take the stress out of treating your child’s fever.