Have you ever been to the gym for a month straight and given up when you didn’t see the results you wanted? Maybe you’ve gone shopping for new clothing and been so disappointed and depressed after trying on different clothes and looking in the mirror that you ended up putting everything back and just going home. Millions of Americans hate their figures and have a complicated relationship with their bodies. They do what they think they are supposed to do but it just doesn’t seem to make a bit of difference. Or it does make a difference, but after a slip up and return to old habits, all the results that you worked so hard for were lost.

It’s more difficult than ever to lose the weight we’ve accumulated over the years. We live in a culture of instant gratification and over saturation. Wherever we look, there’s information, advertising, and stores and restaurants to tempt us. High fat, high calorie, and high sugar and salt foods are lurking wherever we go– at the movies, at the gas station, at our homes, out to eat. Our diets can become so out of whack that we often just don’t know what we want to eat anymore and just give up, going with the flow, grazing, overeating, or making poor diet choices.