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You can purchase the Children Learning Reading system from when you want an effective way of reaching your child how to read and at the same time avoid the common mistakes parents make. In this review, the effectiveness and potential drawbacks that you might experience when using the system will be discussed. You should be able to determine whether the Children Learning Reading system is the ideal option for you or not by the end of this review.

How the Children Learning Reading system works

The developer of Children Learning Reading system designed it in such a way that it would assist his children to know how to read. The goals that he had included making the lessons short so as to maintain the attention span of the child and still be effective even at an early age. The system has been revised as he raised his three children.

The common belief all over the world is that parents have the major responsibility of ensuring that their children know how to read. This should not be left to computer programs, TV, applications, videos or even the education system. Therefore for children to be able to learn how to read effectively they will require the constant attention of one or both parents. This is what you should always have in mind; however, you will only be required to spend 5 to 15 minutes only teaching the child every day. This system also allows you to build and improve the relationship that you have with your child.

discover how a 3 years old learn how to readThe Children Learning Reading system is ideal for children who are between the ages of 2 years and 7 years. However, it can also be used with older children in case they are experiencing some difficulty when it comes to reading. The main objective is to ensure that your child becomes fluent in reading both the lowercase and capital letters.

The system allows you to teach your child the following:

  • Letter names (both small letters and capital).
  • Letter sounds (both small letters and capital).
  • How to combine and blend the letter sounds to words.
  • How to separate the sounds and break down a word into individual phonemes.
  • Learn exceptional words that the child is likely to encounter.
  • How to read individual words and sentences.

You will also have access to some tips that will assist you to organize the lessons and also to deal with resistant learners. It will also tell you what to expect and the proper mindset to have. The information will be presented in different ways including:

  • Booklets that contain lesson plans, background information and reading materials in pdf format.
  • Videos that illustrate how to go about with the lessons.
  • Audio recordings that tell you how to pronounce the phoneme separately and in words.
  • Cue card printouts which will have to be printed on business card sheets or regular paper and then cut into different cards using a pair of scissors.

child learning to readThe Children Learning Reading system is based on phonetics. This means that you use it to first teach the child all the letters of the alphabet and then the sounds that they make. It then uses this basic understanding to help the child determine words from the sounds that the letters make. In other words the system has been designed to teach the child the basic codes of reading. Once the child has grasped these codes then you can teach the exceptions, variations and complications that are there.

The developer of the system selected this approach over the whole word approach because of several reasons that are given in the product. The details of the research will include some of the studies that were conducted and the resources on which the research was based on.

When the child masters the basic reading skills it will turn the focus to understanding the meaning of the topic rather than the words. This will eventually lead to an enjoyable and rewarding experience in reading. The techniques that you use to teach your child will improve their spelling ability, comprehension and reading.

brain development chartThe program teaches your child in two distinct stages each with different instruction books and lessons. The first stage will assist the child to understand the basic skills of reading and learning. The second stage includes more advanced lessons that aim at advancing the reading skill of your child gotten from the first stage. There are a total of 28 lessons in the first stage that start with teaching the child with building blocks until they know how to read the printed text. The alphabets and letters are introduced in a sensible and intuitive manner throughout the 28 lessons. The second stage has 22 lessons with the main focus on teaching the child digraphs, these are letter combinations.


  • The system is east to follow and very effective. It manages to engage the child in a systematical manner and teach reading skills incrementally throughout the entire process.
  • The topics have been presented thoroughly and are accompanied by scientific research details that justify the use of this method.
  • The flash card printouts make the system more effective in engaging the child during the lessons.
  • The communication is excellent from the videos, audios and written materials.



  • The time taken for downloading the materials is long especially if you are having slow internet connection.
  • There are two packages to choose from, the standard and premium packages. The cue card printouts are only in the premium package yet they are very essential and should have been included in all the packages.

The Children Learning Reading system is an effective technique of teaching any child and is also based on scientific research which means it can be relied on. The scientific studies have also shown that the reading techniques used will provide a stronger foundation for your child in terms of academic performance in the future.

gold award winning consumer reviews black fontThe phonetic approach that has been used involves a systematic and gradual process of teaching a child by introducing letters over time and also exposing the child to some words. This ensures that the child progresses smoothly from letters to eventually reading children stories. It is the best system so far to use in teaching your child.


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