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Lovely Mugs For Your Love-ones

Lovely Mugs For Your Love-ones

Lovely Mugs For Your Love-ones

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A Reading Place Weekly Newsletter for Week Ending (7/15/2017)

A Reading Place Newsletter

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Children’s Book About Lions


They are called king of the jungle and over the years have become king of our hearts. From television, books and film, the lion in all of its ways is truly a beast to be admired.

The lion is the second biggest cat (the tiger is number one). The average female can weigh up to 290 pounds (130 kilograms), while the average male is around 400 pounds (180 kilograms). However, there was one male lion that topped averages by over double. This fella weighed in at a whopping 826 pounds (375 kilograms)!

The lion is a tawny color with lighter and darker shades on its body. The male is known for his distinctive mane of fur around his head. The darker the mane the more likely the male will be to attract a mate. The lion’s mane also helps protect irs throat when in battle with another male.

Special Subject Book

Children’s Book About Monkeys


Before we get into the world of monkeys, the first thing you have to know is they are not apes. People tend is just clump the monkey and ape together, but there are many distinctions between the two. The easiest way to remember the difference is, a monkey has a tail and an ape does not. So a Capuchin is an example of a monkey, whereas a chimpanzee is an ape.

There is around 260 species of monkey on the planet. They are divided into two specific categories; Old World […]

A Reading Place Weekly Newsletter for Week Ending (7/7/2017)

A Reading Place Newsletter

Featured Book

Children’s Book About China


China or the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is in East Asia and has the highest population in the world at 1.35 billion people! Its land mass covers approximately 5.9 million square miles (9.6 million kilometers), making it the second largest country in the world, next to Russia. It is broken up into 22 provinces.


From her plateaus, mountains, seas and waters, China has a broad range of geographical beauty. If you travel to the eastern and southern half of the country, you will be charmed by the seacoast with many offshore islands. This region supplies the area with most of the agriculture and human population with fertile lowlands and graceful foothills.


Asia and a part of China is also home to the Gobi desert. It is the fifth largest desert in the world and Asia’s biggest. This landmass covers approximately 500,000 square miles and is made up of sandy areas as well as exposed flat rock. Creating a rain shadow on the Gobi are the Himalayan Mountains. Due to its rough conditions few animals call Gobi home. The Bactrian camel, snow leopard, Gobi bear and various other species can tolerate this region.

Special Subject Book

Children’s Book About Frog

Children's Book About FrogsWhat do we really know about frogs? They live in the water and if you kiss one it will turn into a handsome prince? This is partially true (I’ll let you guess which one is), but the life of a frog really is a marvel of nature. Take […]


 Children’s Book About Tigers: A Kids Picture Book About Tigers with Photos and Fun Facts

Product DetailsPanthera tigris, or in laymen’s terms, the tiger, is the biggest species of wild cat in the world. And their distinctive reddish-orange and white bodies with the black stripes, probably makes them one of the most recognizable.

There are five subspecies of the tiger; Bengal, South China, Indochina, Sumatran, and Siberian. Some of the species live in southeast Asia and India where it is very cold. Even though all tigers are now endangered, we have lost the Caspian, Bali, and Javan, completely.


The tiger’s population was once in the hundreds of thousands, but over the last 100 years, due to hunting and deforestation, the numbers of rapidly decline. The estimate is only around 2,500 of these animals left in their natural habitat. The tiger has also been hunted for their status as a trophy and for the many body parts that are considered medicinal in the Chinese culture.

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All About Tigers

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