Forget Under the Tongue and the Rectum ~ There’s a New Thermometer in Town

Anyone05 Baby with Thermee with a new baby knows the traditional way to take a baby’s temperature is through the rectum.  This is done with a glass rectal thermometer designed for this purpose. But it can be awkward and scary for the first time parents.  As your child ages you have to invest in a new thermometer that will go under the tongue.  These can be glass, which will take around five minutes to get an accurate reading or you can go the digital way.  These are used under the tongue and are a lot faster to get a read from than the glass thermometers.
However, the downfall of each is they both require cooperation on your child’s part and they have to be sterilized between uses in order to prevent the spread of germs. No one wants to struggle with a cranky child or worry about whether the thermometer was properly cleaned before they use it, especially when you are in the midst of an illness.  So what can a parent do?  Read on…

Forehead Thermometerimage-5

The forehead thermometer takes the hassle, frustration and anxiety out of taking your baby or older child’s temperature.  This handy little device uses 21st century technology to read the temperature of a human forehead.  It takes the infrared energy being emitted from your child, focuses it through a special lens, which is then converted to a digital temperature. Basically you press the button, scan the forehead and let the thermometer do the rest.  If your child has a fever, the device will sound with 7 rapid beeps […]

A Fever – It’s All In Your Head

image-6We know that fevers can go hand-in-hand with most flu and cold bugs, but do we really know what’s going on when it happens?  Fevers are such a common ailment we may almost take them for granted; we take our temperatures, it reads high, so we pop something for it and go on feeling miserable.  However, there is some serious stuff going on with our entire body when we have a fever.  Check it out;

Our Brain Knows


Vertical section of a human brainIn all of our brains there’s a gauge that reads our core temperature, it’s called, the hypothalamus.  Our hypothalamus knows what our temperatures should be and sends a message to the rest of the body to keep it that way – pretty handy, huh?  Most of us run a normal temperature of around 98.5 F (37 C) – of course some individuals can be lower or higher.  However, when germs invade our system, they can trigger other chemicals to flow in our body. Once these chemicals hit our brain, it triggers the hypothalamus into action.


Fighting Back


In order to help our bodies fight the bacteria of a cold or flu, the hypothalamus raises our core temperature (a fever).  Scientists believe that when our bodies heat up, it makes it a less favourable environment for germs to live in.  Plus, it also lets us know that our bloodstream has been invaded by an unfriendly source.  As our bodies heat up to the new temperature the hypothalamus has set (a fever), we may begin to feel cold and start to shiver […]

The Forehead Thermometer – There is No Age Limit


06 ina-handIf you are a mom or a dad, you may have experienced the frustration and stress of your child having a fever.  These can be scary and unpredictable, but there is a way to take the guess work out of a fever.


Thermometers were made to help doctors and parents to gauge the temperature of their patients. But with so many options on the market today, how can you be sure you’re getting the best one?  Glass thermometers are old-fashioned and need to be shaken down before using.  Plus, it has to stay at least five minutes under your child’s tongue or up their bum in order to get an accurate reading – this is impractical, to say the least.


image-5--v5Digital thermometers are definitely better than glass ones.  They are faster and give you a digital readout, so you don’t have to guess where the little red line is sitting. But these still need to be sterilized between uses and for a sick child, taking their temperature under the tongue can still be a hassle.  So is there a better alternative?  There sure is.  Read on…




The Forehead Thermometer

The forehead thermometer uses the latest in technology to make taking your child’s temperature a cinch. This device uses an infrared mechanism that measures the energy being emitted from the forehead.  This is then focused through the lens and converted to a digital reading by a thermopile and a measuring circuit.  In simple terms, you simply press the button and scan it across your child’s forehead.  It’s that easy, […]

Say Aww?  Not All Thermometers Are Created Equally

04-Components-Overview-v2There was a day when thermometers were made of glass.  These had to be shaken down before you could insert it into the mouth or…errr…the other end.  In addition, it took a good five minutes before you could get a reading from it, then it was off you go to sterilize it for the next use. This was simply not practical, so along came the digital thermometer.  Granted these are fater, but there’s still the germ-spreading factor to consider.


If you were to visit an emergency room today, you will most likely have your temperature taken by a tympanic thermometer.  These are inserted into the ear canal for a few seconds to get a reading.  However, to buy one of these for home use can be on the pricey side.  In addition, they can be difficult to use on a cranky baby and forget about taking your child’s temp while they are sleeping – there’s nothing worse than finally getting a baby to sleep, then waking them up to see where their temperature is sitting.  So what are parents to do?  Read on…


A New Generation of Thermometer


bigstock-Pretty-young-woman-is-spending-96167363smallMoms and dads everywhere are discovering the latest technology in one of the most easy and accurate inventions today.  It’s the forehead thermometer and it’s taking the fever world by storm.  Forget about those old-fashioned thermometers that have to go under the tongue, up the bum or in the ear, the forehead thermometer is simple, non-invasive and accurate.


How does it work?


image-5--v4The […]

Teething and Fevers – Are They Related?

05 Baby with ThermeeThere are differing opinions on whether a teething baby will actually have a fever, or if it’s something else the baby has picked up. Generally, fevers are the bodies way of fighting an infection – teething is simply not an infection, it’s a natural process of a growing baby.

Most doctors agree that a teething child may have a low-grade fever – low-grade is also known as a common fever and will be 101 degrees Celsius (38.4 degrees Fahrenheit).  However, if your child has a higher temperature and it goes on for an extended period of time, then it probably is unrelated to teething.

Here is a list of symptoms to look out for if you think your child may be teething;

  • Bulging gums – your child’s gums will actually bulge where the tooth is trying to push through. The middle bottom ones are usually the first to start.
  • Drooling – teething causes the baby to drool to the extreme.
  • Fussing – cranky and does not want to be consoled
  • Night waking – if your child is around 4 months and is waking up more at night, this may be the beginning of teething
  • Biting – baby will feel the need to chew on everything


Because teething is a difficult time for a baby, they may also experience other side effects.  Here is a list of things to watch out for after your child begins the teething process;

  • Drool rash – your baby may experience a red, raised rash on the face, chin, lips, neck and chest. This is from the excessive amount of drool teething babies usually produce.
  • Diarrhea – mild, loose stools sometimes occur and do […]

Forehead Thermometers Make the Perfect Gift


So you are invited to a baby shower. What do you bring? Yet another basket of diapers, bibs and onesies or do you get something that will last the recipient a lifetime? Take the practical route and grab a forehead thermometer for that new mom-to-be. Believe me, it’s a lasting gift that she will appreciate for years to come.


What is a Forehead Thermometer?

If you have never heard of this nifty little invention, you are in for a real treat. The technology that is incorporated into this device is better than anything on the market today – even the tympanic (in your ear) thermometer.


06 ina-handLet’s get technical. The forehead thermometer uses an infrared energy that is emitted from the forehead. It is then focussed through a specialized lens and converted to a temperature value by a thermopile and measuring circuit. Simply put, you press a button and slowly move or scan your child’s forehead. Once finished, this thermometer will give you a fast and accurate reading. It is perfect for children who are sleeping or for parents who no longer want to go through the frustration and hassle of those other outdated thermometers.


In addition, this thermometer also has the ability to read the temperature of milk in a bottle. No more guessing whether your child’s milk is too hot or too cold, this thermometer does it all.


No More Germs


image-6It always seems when one person gets sick in the home, everyone does. Cut down on the risks of spreading those flu germs with the forehead thermometer. Unlike […]

The Forehead Thermometer, Not Just for Babies

09 measured-thermee-V2As parents, we worry about our babies getting sick and running a fever. They are too young to tell us when they are feeling ill, so we have to depend on how they look and if they are generally cranky and miserable. However, our older children get sick as well. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a thermometer that is accurate and offers an ease-of-use for both babies and older children? Introducing the forehead thermometer – it will change your perception of thermometers forever.


How It Works

04-Components-Overview-v2This new device takes the pressure and guess work out of getting an accurate temperature reading on your little patient. Instead of fumbling with old-fashioned glass thermometers (that have to be sterilized and shaken down before you can even start) the forehead thermometer works with an infrared technology. Simply scan it across the forehead of your child. From there it picks up his or her body temperature. It never touches the skin, so you never have to clean it to prevent the spread of germs.


In addition, for all you moms out there with toddlers, you can scan the temperature of your child’s bottled milk. Take the guess work out of too cold or too hot bottles, when all you have to do is scan and read. Easy. Simple. Practical. What could be better than that?


One Size Fits All


There comes a time when you and your child no longer want to suffer through the process of a rectal thermometer – these are uncomfortable for both you and your child. And glass thermometers have to be held […]

Forehead Thermometers Are Made to Travel


01 Components Overview v1When you are packing up your family’s things in preparation for a vacation, you probably don’t give much thought to thermometers. I mean, who wants to think about that perfect trip to Disney (or any other location) ending up with your child getting sick? Unfortunately, it does happen. Be prepared in every way by taking along a portable forehead thermometer. Read on to discover all about this awesome new invention – it makes traditional thermometers look mediaeval.


Facts About the Forehead Thermometer


03 fever-alarm-V2Unlike traditional glass thermometers that have to be sterilized and shaken down to get a reading, the forehead thermometer is fast and accurate and never comes in contact with the patient’s skin. Also, with both under-the-tongue and rectal thermometers they are both extremely uncomfortable for a sick child. Forehead thermometers are the newest medical break-through in taking your child’s temperature. This device offers ease-of-use and accuracy that no other thermometer can provide.


How does it work? The forehead thermometer measures the infrared energy emitted from the patient’s forehead. This then focuses through a lens and is converted to a temperature value by a thermopile and measuring circuit. In addition, this new technology not only measures body temperature, but also the temperature of milk in your child’s bottle – no more shaking it on your wrist or guessing at how warm it is.


Places to Take the Forehead Thermometer


05 Baby with ThermeeIf you have a baby or even older children, the forehead thermometer […]

Facts About Fevers

image-5--v6A fever is our body’s way of letting us know something is wrong.  It happens when our body is under attack and is fighting an infection.  It may be a normal reaction, but when it is happening to our child, we wonder and worry about exactly what their little body is fighting.  It can be a scary time for parents when our precious child is feeling under the weather.  Our first reaction may be to rush our child to the emergency room, but this may not always be necessary.  Let’s take a look at fevers to determine what we are dealing with.


The Fever Facts

Not all fever’s demand the attention of a medical professional.  Check out the fever facts to see the levels of a fever.

  • Woman Holding Thermometer to Baby's ForeheadLow Grade:This fever is reading between 38°C (100.4°F) and 39°C (102°F). This tells us the body is in the normal state of fighting an infection.
  • Moderate Grade: This reading is between 39°C (102°F) and 40°C (104°F).  If your child’s temperature falls into this range, you should give them a fever medication to bring it down.
  • High Fever: This fever will read over 41°C (106°F). At this point, you should give your child medication and see your doctor.


It is when fevers are above 42.3°C (108°F) that they can become potentially dangerous to your child.  Never fool around with a high fever.  In addition, if your child is under two months of age and has a temperature of over 38°C (100.4°F) they should see a doctor.


Thermometer Options


Forehead Thermometer vs Traditional Thermometers


612l5OVpatL._SX522_It is never fun when someone is sick, especially if that someone is one of our children. We worry and wonder what may be the problem and do everything we know how to, to ease their symptoms. But before we can help them, we have to know what we are dealing with. Most often we will reach for a thermometer to start the process and to help us decide whether we need to rush our little patient to the emergency room or not.

However, not all thermometers are the same. Some are very uncomfortable and invasive, like the rectal thermometer.  And the old-fashioned under the tongue ones can be difficult to use with young children and can also be frightening to an already upset youngster – how many times has your child thrown a fit over getting their temp taken?

Thank goodness there is a new “breed” of thermometers on the market today.  These take the hassle and guess work out of getting an accurate temperature.

The Forehead Thermometer

This nifty little invention is accurate and non-invasive – it’s almost like something out of Star Trek.  You simply depress the button and scan your child’s forehead.  There is no contact made, it simply measures the infrared energy emitted from your little tikes forehead.  Perfect for checking up on them in the middle of the night.

Girl with Thermometer on Forehead cartoon brown hairThe thing I really like about the Forehead Thermometer is there is no way to transfer germs, as you […]