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Back Seat Mirror Saves the Day

When you become a parent it changes everything. Not only do you bring another life into the world, but you are responsible for the well-being and safety of that little life. This can be overwhelming, but in today’s world with today’s technology, we do have companies making products to help us keep our kids safe. One on the most ingenious inventions of our time is the Back Seat Mirror. Read on to discover why this simple, yet effective product may save the day in your car.

Picture This…


Imagine you put your baby in her back facing car seat. You buckle her in, make sure everything is secure, then get in the driver’s seat and go. Now imagine you are driving along and your precious angel begins to cry, cough and choke – this can be a scary situation for new moms or even practised-parents, but worse when you are in the midst of traffic. Of course, the first thing you want to do is to get back to your child as soon as possible, but it’s not always easy to find a place to pull over. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to monitor what is going on behind you at all times? This is where the back seat mirror comes into play.


A Second Set of Eyes


07 Attachment HarnessHaving a Back Seat Mirror is like having a second set of eyes. This handy tool easily installs onto the headrest and works on a swivel so you can adjust it accordingly – it should be placed where you […]

Back Seat Mirror – Prying Eyes Want to Know

As a kid, sitting in the back seat of our old rambling Chrysler was always an adventure – the seats were big (without seatbelts) and we could always find something entertaining to do on the long trips home from the big city.  However, times have changed and the vehicles we put our kids in have as well.  Sure they are more fuel efficient, but these automobiles are also built with flimsier materials over the all-steel bodies of the cars of the past.  They can also reach higher speeds than the old-sturdy built cars and trucks of years-gone-by.  This is great for saving time, but also means we have to take more precautions than our parents or grandparents had to for their kids.  Besides seat belts and car seats being designed and redesigned for our kids, there is also another great invention called, the Back Seat Mirror.  Check out what it has to offer.


Prying Eyes (and Minds) Want to Know

Mirror with Child View 1A

It seems when kids get into the back of a vehicle, they tend to think that an invisible shield goes up that keeps their parent’s prying eyes from seeing what they are up to.  Of course, unless there are two of you in the front seat, this is mostly true – no one wants to take their eyes off the road to turn around and see what the little monkies are up to.  This can be particularly frustrating if you have young kids, teens or even an infant.  The carrying on in the back seat will not only distract you, but it can lead to potentially deadly accidents.  That’s why the manufacturers of […]

The Back Seat Mirror – This Ain’t Your Grandaddy’s Technology

Depending on your age and what generation you grew up in, the technology has changed vastly. I was a 60’s kid and the vehicles my parents drove (yes we had cars) didn’t even have seat belts in the back seat. Our parents tossed us in and drove around without a second thought to getting into a crash (and the very real possibility that we could be tossed over the seat and through the windshield). Luckily, I was never involved in an accident, but today we have taken extra precautions to ensure our children remain safe in a moving automobile. This includes the invention of the car seat and the laws put in place for their safety standards, proper installation and also the weight and heights of the children being placed in them. Along with these life saving seats, manufacturers have also come up with the Back Seat Mirror. Read on to discover why this simple device may just save your child’s life.


The Back Seat Mirror ~ Simple Yet Effective


08 Alternate ViewThe Back Seat Mirror is so simplistic, it’s a wonder why it took so long to come into existence. This device consists of an extra large, convex mirror, a swivel ball and durable straps. Once you have your Back Seat Mirror, simply strap it to the headrest of your back seat, then adjust the swivel ball so you can see the mirror’s reflection in your rearview mirror. In addition, the sleek design still looks great in any vehicles interior.


Why Do I Need a Back Seat Mirror?


Full Angle Baby in Back Seat View by [...]


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Back Seat Mirror – I See All!

When I was growing up my mother always seemed to know what I was up to even though she wasn’t in the same room.  For the longest time, I believed she possessed some magical radar that alerted her to my misdeeds; however, when I became a parent myself, I realized, I too, inherited that “magical ability.”  Of course, my kids don’t understand that I listen to what they are doing and it usually gives them away (or the deafening silence is a tell-all), but I let them believe that I can “see all.”


image-2Okay, I must admit, this ability works better in my home then when in the car trying to concentrate on driving.  Here I found it difficult to monitor my kids’ back seat behaviour without turning around.  That is, until I found the Back Seat Mirror.  If you have kids, (or any backseat passengers) read on to discover this simple lifesaver.


What is a Back Seat Mirror?


This handy device is a shatterproof, extra large mirror that attaches to the headrest of your back passenger seat.  It is convex so it gives you a head-to-toe view of your baby in a rear facing car seat, or your older childrens’ back seat doings.  It also comes with durable, adjustable straps for easy and safe installation and looks sleek and modern, to boot.  With this Back Seat Mirror, I now possess the “eyes in the back of my head” theory that my kids have bought into over the years – all I have to do is simply glance into my rearview mirror for a peek into their behavior.


Perfect For…


Back Seat Battlefield? Get a Back Seat Mirror

You can have the best behaved kids on the planet, but put them in a back seat together and they become like miniature Wrestlemania contestants.  The constant bickering, poking, crying, shouting and chaos is enough to drive a person crazy.  So what can a parent do when these bored antics rear their ugly heads?  Never taking them out of the house is not an option and leaving them on the side of the road is considered abandonment; however, there is a practical, safe and great new product that will end those back seat battlefields before they begin.  It’s call the Back Seat Mirror and it’s here to make your driving time, a peaceful time.


The Back Seat Mirror

07 Attachment Harness

The Back Seat Mirror is an extra large, shatterproof mirror with a convex design that allows you to have another set of eyes in the back seat of your vehicle.  Simply attach the mirror to the headrest of your back seat, adjust it so you can see it in your rearview mirror and watch what your kids are up to while you are driving – it can be very telling.  In addition, this mirror comes with durable straps for easy installation and yet still looks stylish enough to keep the sleek interior integrity of your vehicle.


It’s All About Safety, First

The Back Seat Mirror Goes to the Dogs

Perhaps, our parents didn’t have to worry as much about safety when we were kids, after all most vehicles didn’t even have seat belts in the back seat, but times were also different back then, too.  Cars were built stronger and […]

The Back Seat Mirror Goes to the Dogs

Just like people with children, parents with fur-babies (dogs and cats) want the best for their pet-companions, this includes their safety when riding around in a vehicle. I don’t know how many times I have put my dog in the back seat of the car, only to hear him running around and becoming excitable – he loves his car rides. But this can be dangerous if, like me, you feel the need to turn around to see what’s going on behind your back. That is why I was so thrilled to discover a Back Seat Mirror. This handy little invention takes the guesswork and danger out of travelling with an active animal. Check it out…

The Back Seat Mirror Breakdown


You may be wondering, what is a Back Seat Mirror? It is simply an extra large mirror that is designed to attach to a headrest in the back seat of your vehicle. The mirror itself is convex in nature and provides a clear look at what is happening in your back seats. It comes with durable and adjustable straps that will affix to most headrests or other anchoring methods in the back of your car. It is also shatterproof (perfect for bouncy, active dogs) and has a swivel ball that makes situating it to sync with your rearview mirror easy-peasy. Plus, it looks stylish and will match all vehicle interiors.


Perfect For…


If you love to take your pooch for short rides or along on those road trips to camp or even exploring, the Back Seat Mirror is a must-have. Once in […]

The Back Seat Mirror, AKA the Back Seat BabySitter

Mirror with Child View 1AAnyone with kids knows it’s tough to concentrate on driving when you have little ones (or teens) in the back seat of the car – kids in small cramped spaces tend to get on each other’s nerves after a while.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see exactly what is going on back there, without having to turn around in your seat?  Well I have good news, you can have your very own “backseat babysitter” without jamming another person in the back of your vehicle.  This handy little invention is called, the Back Seat Mirror and it may just save you a lot of time and stress.


The Back Seat Mirror to the Rescue

The Back Seat Mirror is, perhaps, one of the simplest inventions, yet it is so practical and inexpensive, every vehicle should have one.  This handy device consists of an extra large mirror, a swivel ball and durable straps.  All you do is strap it to the headrest of the backseat passenger side, adjust the swivel ball until you can see the mirror in your rearview mirror and let the show n’ tell begin.


03 Mirror Theory of OperationIf you have an infant, the Back Seat Mirror can be positioned so you can see head-to-toe of your precious cargo in his or her rear facing car seat.  This is great for when your baby is fussing or to just have peace-of-mind that all is well back there.  For older children, this mirror will let you know if they are annoying each other or getting […]

An Infant Car Backseat Safety Mirror Review by a Caring Aunt


Little Girl In Car SeatSo Simple and  Easy,  Yet So Effective ~ The Backseat Mirror

I don’t have any children of my own, but I do have two nieces.  One is just 4 months-old and her sister is 3 years-old.  I love them to pieces, so when my brother suggested I invest in a Backseat Mirror for my car, I was more than happy to oblige.  Of course, not having any children of my own, I had no clue what a Backseat Mirror was or that such a handy device even existed, but once I had it in place, I’m happy to have it.

The Backseat Mirror in a Nutshell

There really isn’t much to the Backseat Mirror, but its simplicity is what makes it ingenious.  This device is a mirror that straps onto the headrest of your backseat.  There’s no tools required to install it, you simply use the sturdy straps to snap it into place.  Then with the help of another person, you adjust the mirror (it even has a swivel to do so) so you can see it in your rearview mirror.


Not Just for Keeping an Eye on the Kids

06 Mirror with Child View 2

Of course, the main reason I have this Backseat Mirror is so I always know what is going on with my two nieces in the backseat of my car. I can see at a glance if the baby is fussing, sleeping or just enjoying the ride and I can also see when my other niece is bugging her sister.  In addition, one of […]

A Review of An Infant Car Backseat Safety Mirror by an experienced Grandmother – Jennifer Garcia

My Grandkids, My New Car and My New Gadget

Boy holding book sitting in a car with motherI’m an active grandmother that has been blessed with seven grandchildren! They range in age from two months-old right up to fourteen. I love them all and only want to spend time with them and to see them happy, healthy and safe. So when I was shopping for a new car, one of my biggest must-haves was safety first. After all, my grandchildren would be spending time in this vehicle, so I wanted it to be top-of-the-line. While I was shopping around and test driving vehicles, my youngest daughter found this amazing new gadget that will help me keep an eye on my grandchildren while they are in the back seat of my vehicle. It’s called the Backseat Mirror.

What is the Backseat Mirror?

mirror-box-v2eI must admit that times have changed since I was raising my children and I have a hard time keeping up with the technology these days. So I was really surprised when my daughter bought me a Backseat Mirror for my new SUV. This handy little device attaches to the headrest of my backseat and allows me to see what is going on with my grandchildren without ever having to turn around. It simply attaches to the headrest with strong, snap-in-place straps, then it adjusts so I can see in the rearview mirror what is happening in the backseat of my vehicle.

How the Backseat Mirror Has Helped Me

back-seat-mirror-back-seat-car-mirrorAfter my daughter […]

A Review of the Mr. PeekAtMee Backseat Car Safety Mirror for Children by a Young Mom – Jasmine Williams

My BackSeat Eyes

Toddler girl sleeping in child car seat.I just had my first child and I’m determined to do everything right, so when it came to car seats, I knew I would have to put my son in a rear-facing one. I know this is law, but the thoughts of not being able to see him while I’m in the driver’s seat made me nervous. What happens if he cries, or begins to choke? I need to know at a glance if its serious or something that can wait until I get to my next stop. That’s why I was so happy when I found the Backseat Mirror. This simple device takes the guesswork out of driving with your child in the car.

Simple, Yet Effective

71Lun2LRthL._SL1500_The first thing you will notice about the Backseat Mirror is the size and the quality. This mirror is designed with a solid frame and durable adjustable straps that will fit any backseat head rest – simply snap it into place, then adjust the swivel to allow yourself (or another driver) to see your child in the rearview mirror (you may need help in this process to get the mirror set up properly). Once it is in place I know at a glance what my baby boy is doing. In addition, he can see my face in his Backseat Mirror. This really cuts down on any anxiety he may experience because he always knows I’m there.

My Backseat Mirror is Perfect For…

a boxer dog riding in a car [...]



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