Want to Drive in Peace? The Back Seat Mirror

Parents have enough to worry about with their kids, much less having to constantly referee them in the back seat of a moving vehicle. This is not only stressful, but it can lead to the distraction of the driver, which could cause a dangerous accident. If you want an easy, practical and affordable solution to finally having peace in your car, then read on to discover the newest invention.

The Back Seat Mirror

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The Back Seat Mirror is a so simple you are going to wish you came up with the concept yourself. This handy device is an extra large, convex mirror that comes with durable straps, a swivel ball and is stylish to boot. To install the Back Seat Mirror all you have to do is affix it to the headrest of the back seat and position the swivel ball until you have a direct view of the mirror in your rear view mirror. That’s it! With this mirror in place you are well on your way to keeping the peace in the back seat of your car.


Let the “Looking” Begin


If you have children or pets, the Back Seat Mirror will be more than just handy, it can save a lot of hassles and squabbles that tend to arise when kids get bored or cranky. By having this “spying device” in place you can easily monitor the back seat without turning around. Think of the freedom (and peace and quiet) you will experience when your kids know you can check on their every move.


The Back Seat Mirror is also a must-have when you are […]

The “Killer” Passengers and My Back Seat Mirror

I don’t usually stop for hitch hikers, but as I was driving home (alone) late the other night, there was a female teen on the side of the road.  It was raining quite hard and the wind was whipping her flimsy skirt and thin jacket around her skin n’ bones body.  As I drove past her, I caught a glimpse of her downtrodden face and felt a tug at my heart strings – if this were my daughter I would hope some kind stranger would take pity on her and stop to give her a lift.

The Back Seat Mirror Goes to the Dogs

I know that picking up hitchhikers is a bad idea, no matter how innocent they look and in fact was the first promise I made my parents not to do (aside from speeding) when I got my license.  But sometimes, your sympathetic inner voice guilt you into over-ruling your better judgement.  So I drove around the block and thought, if she’s still there on my way back around, I will pick her up… Of course, I was secretly hoping the fates would be on my side and she would have magically disappeared, but sure enough, there she was wet and as desperate looking as ever.


I pulled over to the curb and hit my automatic window.  As the glass dripped and slid its way into the door, I leaned over to ask her to join me in the warm front seat.  Suddenly, the back door opened and before I knew it, this forlorn looking girl was in my back seat.  I was just about to ask her where she was heading when, the other

The Back Seat Mirror – No Tools Required

When you have a child, it seems everything you need for he or she, comes with pages of instructions and a lot of assembly required.  This can be frustrating and very time consuming.  But there is one accessory made just for your car, that will bring you peace-of-mind and does NOT require any tools.  It’s called the, Back Seat Mirror and it is quite possibly the best invention since the car seat.  Read on to discover why you need one of these handy devices and be pleasantly surprised at its ease of installation.


The Back Seat Mirror ~ So Simple

Back Seat Battlefield? Get a Back Seat Mirror

The Back Seat Mirror is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you get one.  This handy device is simply an extra large, convex mirror that attaches to the headrest of your back seat.  It comes with durable straps that you simply tighten into place.  Once installed, just move the swivel ball so it is positioned with the Back Seat Mirror showing in your rear view mirror.  Now comes the fun part.  This mirror allows you to see what is going on with your infant, older kids or even pets in the back seat of your car, without having to turn around.


The Back Seat Mirror is Perfect for…


If you have a new baby, you have to have a Back Seat Mirror.  When you place your infant in a rear facing car seat, the Back Seat Mirror will be your eyes to everything your little one is doing and feeling.  The convex design will give you a head-to-toe view […]

The Back Seat Mirror – So Simple, Yet So Effective

Have you ever been driving along with squabbling kids in the back seat, a crying infant or a pet that just won’t settle down? This can be very trying on the nerves, especially when you want to turn around to check out the chaos. This is not only impractical, but it can lead to dangerous driving habits and potential accidents. So what is a parent to do? The answer is so simple, yet practical, you will wonder why you have waited so long to do it. It’s called, a Back Seat Mirror and it’s here to give you peace-of-mind.


What is the Back Seat Mirror?


Not only will this handy device save you a lot of stress, it is practical and easy-to-use.  Simply take this extra large, convex mirror and affix it to the headrest of your back seat – it comes with durable straps that will withstand the bumps and bends from constant driving.  Once on the headrest, use the handy swivel ball to position it into place, so you can see it from your rearview mirror.  In addition, it also has a sleek design that looks stylish and is made from shatter-proof materials – including the glass!


Why Should You Install a Back Seat Mirror?

If you have any age of children or pets you regularly take on the road with you, the better question may be, why shouldn’t I install this handy invention?


09 Backseat MirrorThe Back Seat Mirror is great if you have an infant in a rear-facing car seat.  This mirror not only gives you a head-to-toe view of your […]

Break the Invisible Shield with the Back Seat Mirror

If you have young children or teens then you may experience the hassle and frustration of driving them around. It’s not the actual time spent going from point a to point b, but the fussing and fighting that may occur when kids become bored in the back seat of a vehicle. This cannot only be nerve-racking, but it can also lead to potential danger when parents are distracted with squabbling kids. Well it’s time to break the invisible shield between you and the back seat with a Back Seat Mirror. Read on to discover how this handy invention can give you the peace-of-mind you crave when in the driver’s seat.


The Back Seat Mirror


Kids tend to think once they’re in the back seat of a vehicle there is an invisible shield that slides up between them and their parents – in their minds this gives them free reign to any kind of behaviour they can think up – after all, what you can’t see, you can’t put a stop to. However, with the Back Seat Mirror in place, you have an extra set of eyes that will let you know exactly what is going on behind your back.


The Back Seat Mirror is an extra large, convex mirror that comes with a swivel ball and durable straps. Simply affix the mirror to the headrest of the back seat and adjust it so you can see it in your rear view mirror. Once in place your little charges back seat antics are only a glance away from being busted.


Perfect For…?


04 Mirror Attachment SystemNot only is the […]

Top Reasons You Need a Back Seat Mirror

Most people probably don’t think much about having a Back Seat Mirror; however, you don’t know what you are missing without one…literally.  Back Seat Mirrors provide the driver with a clear look at what is going on in the back seat of their vehicle by simply glancing into the rearview mirror…prying eyes want to know.  Check out the top reasons why you need one of these handy little inventions.

Back Seat Mirror Saves the Day

Practical:  Back Seat Mirrors are a practical way to gauge the behavior of your passengers. Whether they be infants, toddlers or teens, your Back Seat Mirror shows all.


Safe: Back Seat Mirrors are made from shatterproof glass.  Its durable straps are designed to take the bounce and stop-go motion of vehicles without shaking loose.


Easy-to-Install: this device comes with adjustable straps and a swivel ball to put it in place and for easy positioning with your rearview mirror.


Versatile: the Back Seat Mirror is simple and sleek enough to look great in any vehicle, without ruining the integrity of the design.


The Back Seat Mirror is Perfect For…


If you really think about it, the Back Seat Mirror is an inexpensive addition to any vehicle.  In fact, these mirrors should be offered right from the factory as part of the vehicle’s feature package.  Not only will you wonder how you ever lived without it, the Back Seat Mirror is great for so many things, while so many people will benefit from having one.  Check out what the Back Seat Mirror is perfect for…


Busy Parents: all parents need an extra set of […]

Need a Back Seat TattleTale? The Back Seat Mirror is Here!

Do you remember when your mom or dad used to say; “don’t be a tattletale?”  I  sure do.  I was one of those bratty little sisters that always felt the need to keep my mom updated on the latest “breaking news” of my older siblings.  Sure it may have been nothing huge, but to my little mind, it was a way to get them in trouble.  It eventually backfired on me as I believe my mother got tired of always having to investigate my latest findings and bought into the motto, “ignorance is bliss…as long as the house isn’t on fire and nobody is bleeding.”


The Back Seat Mirror Goes to the DogsHowever, there is a time when having a tattletale is helpful.  I’m talking about those times in the car where you know your kids are up to something, but aside from turning around in your seat or pulling over, you are pretty much oblivious to the back seat goings-on.  With this in mind, let me introduce you to the Back Seat Mirror.  It will be your own personal back seat tattletale (that won’t stand by with a smirk on its face and a brooding sibling around the corner).


What is a Back Seat Mirror?


The Back Seat Mirror is one of those inventions that is so simple you ask yourself…why didn’t I think of that?  This handy little device consists of an extra large, convex mirror, durable straps and a swivel ball – that’s it!   It’s easy to install (no tools required) you just strap it around the headrest of your back seat, position it so you can see the mirror in your rearview […]

Back Seat Mirror Saves the Day

When you become a parent it changes everything. Not only do you bring another life into the world, but you are responsible for the well-being and safety of that little life. This can be overwhelming, but in today’s world with today’s technology, we do have companies making products to help us keep our kids safe. One on the most ingenious inventions of our time is the Back Seat Mirror. Read on to discover why this simple, yet effective product may save the day in your car.

Picture This…


Imagine you put your baby in her back facing car seat. You buckle her in, make sure everything is secure, then get in the driver’s seat and go. Now imagine you are driving along and your precious angel begins to cry, cough and choke – this can be a scary situation for new moms or even practised-parents, but worse when you are in the midst of traffic. Of course, the first thing you want to do is to get back to your child as soon as possible, but it’s not always easy to find a place to pull over. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to monitor what is going on behind you at all times? This is where the back seat mirror comes into play.


A Second Set of Eyes


07 Attachment HarnessHaving a Back Seat Mirror is like having a second set of eyes. This handy tool easily installs onto the headrest and works on a swivel so you can adjust it accordingly – it should be placed where you […]

Back Seat Mirror – Prying Eyes Want to Know

As a kid, sitting in the back seat of our old rambling Chrysler was always an adventure – the seats were big (without seatbelts) and we could always find something entertaining to do on the long trips home from the big city.  However, times have changed and the vehicles we put our kids in have as well.  Sure they are more fuel efficient, but these automobiles are also built with flimsier materials over the all-steel bodies of the cars of the past.  They can also reach higher speeds than the old-sturdy built cars and trucks of years-gone-by.  This is great for saving time, but also means we have to take more precautions than our parents or grandparents had to for their kids.  Besides seat belts and car seats being designed and redesigned for our kids, there is also another great invention called, the Back Seat Mirror.  Check out what it has to offer.


Prying Eyes (and Minds) Want to Know

Mirror with Child View 1A

It seems when kids get into the back of a vehicle, they tend to think that an invisible shield goes up that keeps their parent’s prying eyes from seeing what they are up to.  Of course, unless there are two of you in the front seat, this is mostly true – no one wants to take their eyes off the road to turn around and see what the little monkies are up to.  This can be particularly frustrating if you have young kids, teens or even an infant.  The carrying on in the back seat will not only distract you, but it can lead to potentially deadly accidents.  That’s why the manufacturers of […]

The Back Seat Mirror – This Ain’t Your Grandaddy’s Technology

Depending on your age and what generation you grew up in, the technology has changed vastly. I was a 60’s kid and the vehicles my parents drove (yes we had cars) didn’t even have seat belts in the back seat. Our parents tossed us in and drove around without a second thought to getting into a crash (and the very real possibility that we could be tossed over the seat and through the windshield). Luckily, I was never involved in an accident, but today we have taken extra precautions to ensure our children remain safe in a moving automobile. This includes the invention of the car seat and the laws put in place for their safety standards, proper installation and also the weight and heights of the children being placed in them. Along with these life saving seats, manufacturers have also come up with the Back Seat Mirror. Read on to discover why this simple device may just save your child’s life.


The Back Seat Mirror ~ Simple Yet Effective


08 Alternate ViewThe Back Seat Mirror is so simplistic, it’s a wonder why it took so long to come into existence. This device consists of an extra large, convex mirror, a swivel ball and durable straps. Once you have your Back Seat Mirror, simply strap it to the headrest of your back seat, then adjust the swivel ball so you can see the mirror’s reflection in your rearview mirror. In addition, the sleek design still looks great in any vehicles interior.


Why Do I Need a Back Seat Mirror?


Full Angle Baby in Back Seat View by [...]



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