Ling Chung

If you are looking for a writer who produces high-quality content in a short time frame, look no further. I pride myself in providing my clients with top-notch, original content that captures the attention of readers in an informative yet engaging way. I work quickly but strive to ensure that every project I complete is [...]

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Lily Liu

  Children Book Writing Twilight Publishing May 2013 - Present • Creating Non Fiction Educational Childrens Books • Assisting in Web Site Editorial Activities • Part Time TEACHING EXPERIENCE Teacher Clifton Park High School, Clifton Park, CA September 2009 - Present • Developed and implemented daily and unit lesson plans for 9th grade, administered tests [...]

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Jessica Lopez

  PROFILE: Dually Certified Elementary Teacher Pre(K-6) with diversified teaching experience; a goal setting results-oriented instructor skilled at developing innovative written lesson plans designed to stimulate and challenge each student to learn, coupled with a dedicated commitment to providing quality education, seeks a position that will fully utilize both my experience and education while providing [...]

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Jennifer Garcia

   Jennifer Garcia majored in Theater, with a Minor in English Literature at the University of Albany, and then continued on to get her M.S. in Literacy & Childhood Education.  She holds a New York State Teachers certification for Grades 1-6 and participates in the Teacher’s Network. Although very much focused on her 4th Grade [...]

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Jasmine Williams

  “Whether you need a quick well-researched article, a corporate press release, or a children's book, I can weave the magic that will make your readers captivated and hanging on every word. Writing comes second nature to me, but so does listening.   Information is important, but I believe that masterful storytelling is what keeps the [...]

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Tiara Jackson

  Tiara Jackson is a professional teacher and freelance writer and editor.  She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education / Elementary Teacher Education.  Tiara is also a Featured Contributor on the Yahoo! Contributor Network Tiara’s professional time is mostly dedicated to her teaching and really tries to work with every child at their [...]

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Abigail Tyler

Author Abigail Tyler lives in Southeast Oklahoma.    She writes Children’s Non- Fiction Kindle books for Amazon.  She also has a few unpublished items in the works. Abigail believes that along with weaving a story into a written work comes a responsibility. She feels authors should express themselves. That is what being an artist and author [...]

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Emma Jacobs

  If you are looking for a writer who produces high-quality content for kids in a short time frame, look no further.  Emma Jacobs prides herself in providing her clients with top-notch, original content that captures the attention of children in an informative yet engaging way. She works quickly and strives to ensure that every [...]

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Emily Taylor

  Emily Taylor can write on all topics especially discussing different places and locations.  She has extensive experience writing for children in the non-fiction field and has worked for many online publications. He ability to identify facts and write them to be fun and stimulating also translates for well-written material for adults. She has written [...]

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