If you have young children or teens then you may experience the hassle and frustration of driving them around. It’s not the actual time spent going from point a to point b, but the fussing and fighting that may occur when kids become bored in the back seat of a vehicle. This cannot only be nerve-racking, but it can also lead to potential danger when parents are distracted with squabbling kids. Well it’s time to break the invisible shield between you and the back seat with a Back Seat Mirror. Read on to discover how this handy invention can give you the peace-of-mind you crave when in the driver’s seat.


The Back Seat Mirror


Kids tend to think once they’re in the back seat of a vehicle there is an invisible shield that slides up between them and their parents – in their minds this gives them free reign to any kind of behaviour they can think up – after all, what you can’t see, you can’t put a stop to. However, with the Back Seat Mirror in place, you have an extra set of eyes that will let you know exactly what is going on behind your back.


The Back Seat Mirror is an extra large, convex mirror that comes with a swivel ball and durable straps. Simply affix the mirror to the headrest of the back seat and adjust it so you can see it in your rear view mirror. Once in place your little charges back seat antics are only a glance away from being busted.


Perfect For…?


04 Mirror Attachment SystemNot only is the Back Seat Mirror great for older kids, but it is perfect for infants, as well. When you place your baby in a rear-facing car seat, the Back Seat Mirror will give you a head-to-toe view of your bundle-of-joy. In addition, your baby will be able to see your face, providing them with a level of security you simply can’t give them without this nifty invention.


The Back Seat mirror will also come in handy if you have pets in your car. This mirror will tell you if your pet is calm and relaxed or suffering from anxiety that can lead to stress chewing or even car sickness.


Full Angle Baby in Back Seat View by designerooAnother thing about the Back Seat Mirror is it makes the perfect baby shower gift. Babies outgrow those cute little clothes and toys, but the Back Seat Mirror will always be in place throughout the child’s growing years.


Grab a Back Seat Mirror and break down the invisible shield that separates you from your children or pet’s behaviour. It’s practical, affordable and a must-have for parents and pet owners peace-of-mind.