As a kid, sitting in the back seat of our old rambling Chrysler was always an adventure – the seats were big (without seatbelts) and we could always find something entertaining to do on the long trips home from the big city.  However, times have changed and the vehicles we put our kids in have as well.  Sure they are more fuel efficient, but these automobiles are also built with flimsier materials over the all-steel bodies of the cars of the past.  They can also reach higher speeds than the old-sturdy built cars and trucks of years-gone-by.  This is great for saving time, but also means we have to take more precautions than our parents or grandparents had to for their kids.  Besides seat belts and car seats being designed and redesigned for our kids, there is also another great invention called, the Back Seat Mirror.  Check out what it has to offer.


Prying Eyes (and Minds) Want to Know

Mirror with Child View 1A

It seems when kids get into the back of a vehicle, they tend to think that an invisible shield goes up that keeps their parent’s prying eyes from seeing what they are up to.  Of course, unless there are two of you in the front seat, this is mostly true – no one wants to take their eyes off the road to turn around and see what the little monkies are up to.  This can be particularly frustrating if you have young kids, teens or even an infant.  The carrying on in the back seat will not only distract you, but it can lead to potentially deadly accidents.  That’s why the manufacturers of the Back Seat Mirror are so proud to lend their hand in, not only, keeping your insanity intact, but your kids backseat behaviour in check, as well.


What is the Back Seat Mirror?


04 Mirror Attachment SystemThe Back Seat Mirror is an extra large, convex mirror that comes with a swivel ball, durable straps and a stylish, sleek design.  It’s simple enough to install, just take the straps and anchor them around the headrest of your backseat, adjust the swivel ball until you can see the Back Seat Mirror from your rearview mirror and let your prying eyes open to a whole new world.  We like to call it the, backseat antics!


This mirror is perfect for keeping a watchful on on your infant, discovering what your kids a really doing when they’re suppose to be working on their homework or reading quietly, and can be your own personal tattletale as to who-did-what-to-whom first.


05 Attaching to HeadrestNew parents are also loving the fact that their babies (seated in a rear-facing car seat) can see mom or dad’s face in the Back Seat Mirror, which provides an added level of comfort for the infant – this is why I would recommend the Back Seat Mirror for any baby shower – it makes the perfect gift!


Don’t let another moment go by in the car without having your fine-tuned, prying eyes of the Back Seat Mirror in place.  It is not only an affordable option, it may just save you a lot of hassle and heartache down the road.