image-5--v5No one wants to think about a child becoming ill, especially if he or she isn’t your own. If you have been put in charge of one or many children, the parents are trusting you with their well-being and safety. However, colds, flus and fever bugs don’t care who is looking after the child – when they hit, they usually hit fast and hard. If you run a daycare, are a teacher, or a scout leader you may want to arm yourself with this nifty new invention that will tell you when one of your little charges is coming down with something.

The Forehead Thermometer05 Baby with Thermee

Unlike the old-fashioned thermometers where you have to stick it under the child’s tongue and wait for it to finally get a reading, the forehead thermometer is fast and non-invasive. It uses the infrared energy being emitted from the child. It then takes this energy and focuses it through a specialized lense where it is converted to a digital number. It’s as simple as that. No sterilizing between uses is needed as it never comes in contact with the skin. In addition, it also as a “milk-mode.” With the flick of a switch you can scan a bottle of milk to find out its precise temperature. This is perfect for daycares, or babysitters with little ones on a bottle. You won’t have to shake it on your wrist or guess what the temperature is before you feed.

Made to Travel

Another great feature of the forehead thermometer is that it is compact enough to take anywhere. If you are a scout leader, a coach or anyone that has to take children away for overnight campouts or sporting events, this thermometer should be one of the first things you pack. It’s small enough to fit into a suitcase, overnight bag or even a purse. If the child you’re in charge of starts to feel ill, then you can simply scan their forehead to know if it is serious and needs immediate medical attention or is something that will most likely pass on its own.

If you are a parent, than having this handy device along on family vacations is a great way to be prepared for anything – fevers are caused by bacteria in our systems, so if your child is spiking a temperature, you will want to know right away.

In addition, the forehead thermometer will not only show the digital read of your childs temp, but if they are in the fever-zone, this device will give seven short, rapid beeps and have a red backlit screen. When it is in normal range, the screen will be green and a long steady beep will be emitted. Plus, the forehead thermometer also stores the past temperatures in its digital memory, so you will have a quick reference at your finger tips.

The forehead thermometer is one of the best breakthroughs on the market. Grab one today to have on hand at home, or to give as a baby shower gift. They make the perfect gift!