Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror by Ginger Hill Creations, Review

As parents, grandparents or caregivers it’s nice to be able to take the children out in the car to the park, beach or even just to the mall. But having Happy business woman writing notes while communicating on cell pchildren in the backseat of your vehicle can lead to kids fighting, fussing and, well, just being kids. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to safely transport kids without having to turn around to monitor the situation in the back seat?

There is a better, safer way to keep an eye on your kids or pets in the back seat of your car without having to take your eyes off the road while you turn around in your seat. It’s called, Mr Peekatmee and it’s made by Ginger Hill Creations. This simple Backseat Mirror takes the guesswork out of what is happening behind you in your vehicle, yet is so simple to use, you will wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

What Is a Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror?

NoCarSeatWorriesWithABackSeatMirror_V1_3DThe Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror is a wide mirror that simply straps onto the headrest of your back seat. It comes with durable straps and clips, so there are no tools required to install it. Once it is in place have someone adjust the swivel ball so you can see the mirror in your rearview mirror. That’s it, so simple, yet so effective.

Want a Better Way? Mr Peekatmee to the Rescue

Luxury Baby Car Seat For Safety With Happy KidAnyone that has ever had children in the backseat of their vehicle knows they can start to kick up a fuss – older children tend to get bored and begin to poke, grab and argue with one another. Babies in rear-facing car seats are also hard to keep an eye on, so you have to go by the sounds they are making. And a crying baby can mean several things. However, with the Mr. Peekatmee Backseat Mirror, in place all you have to do is glance in your rearview mirror to find out what the situation calls for. No more turning around in your seat putting you, your passengers and other traffic at risk, with the Backseat Mirror its all visible in your rearview mirror.

Another great thing about of Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror is you can also use it to watch your pets, or to keep an eye on stacked boxes or even when transporting potted plants. The Backseat Mirror can be your eyes for anything you need to carry from point A to point B.

How Can Mr Peekatmee Help You?

03 Mirror Theory of OperationWhether you are a parent, grandparent or a caregiver, the Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror is a must-have. The superior and durable design is perfect for monitoring anyone or anything that is riding in the back seat of your car. It’s sleek design is not only serviceable, but it is stylish enough to be compatible with any interior. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on babies in rear-facing car seats, with toddlers, teens and even the family dog. In addition, the Ginger Hill Creations company has designed Mr Peekatmee to be convenient, easy-to-use and super-easy to install.

What are the Negatives of the Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror?

Like all products, the Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror is not without its downside. Since the main focus of a rearview mirror is to keep an eye on traffic, the Backseat Mirror may be a distraction, so you may have to make a conscious effort to disregard the mirror or tilt it away when not in use.

Where Can You Find the Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror?

09 Backseat MirrorThe Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror is available through Amazon. It can be ordered and delivered to your door within 24 hours so all you have to do is click, then sit back and feel good about having a superior product on its way.

Why risk taking your eyes off the road to turn around and monitor your back seat passengers when all you have to do is glance into your rearview mirror? Grab a Mr Peekatmee Backseat Mirror and drive with the peace-of-mind of knowing what is happening when your back is turned at all times..