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Children’s Book About Starfish

Where do you begin?The fossilized remains of the starfish shows it dates back as far as 570 million years ago; however it wasn’t until 1705 that it was first recorded. At this time not much was known about the starfish, except it looked like a fish and lived in the sea. Today, we have learned more about this amazing creature, like it actually isn’t a fish. The starfish is an echinoderm, which is more closely related to the sand dollar and sea urchin. Because of this discovery scientists have changed their name to “sea stars.”




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Children’s Book About Stealing

Stealing is becoming more and more “popular.” As the economy takes a downturn, more people are resorting to just taking what they want. Yes, sometimes it can be drug related or petty crimes where a vehicle or house is broken into, but that doesn’t make it any less scary for the victims or wrong for the culprit to be doing. Some may say it all has to do with upbringing and for the most part, that is true. However, there are other underlying reasons why kids and teens feel the need to take stuff that doesn’t belong to them.




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Title: Ginger Hill Creations Fun With Coloring

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Children’s Book About Grizzly Bears: A Kids Picture Book About Grizzly Bears with Photos and Fun Facts

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Children’s Book About Planet Earth: A Kids Picture Book about Planet Earth With Photos and Fun Facts

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Children’s Book About Monkeys: A Kids Picture Book About Monkeys With Photos and Fun Facts


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