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Children’s Book About Airplanes

We depend on airplanes to get us to our destinations quickly and with ease. But where did it all start? With the Wright Brothers; Orville and Wilbur. These two ingenious men are considered America’s aviation pioneers. Even though other inventors were working on flight at the time, the Wright brothers were the first to do it successfully.





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Children’s Book About Moving

Whether we liked it or not, we have probably all moved in our lifetimes. It may have been out of necessity or because we simply wanted a change of scenery. But whatever the reason, it was probably extremely stressful. A new home, location, neighbors can all spell discomfort. In fact, it has been stated that moving is the third most stressful situation next to death and divorce.






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Free Parenting Special Report and Ebook of the Week – FREE pdf

This week’s Free Parenting Special Report by our partner Ginger Hill Creations is part of their Better Parenting Series. They are making their Special Reports available to our subscribers completely free. Just click on the link to go to their download page. The download is immediate.

Title: Ginger Hill Creations Activities Coloring Book

There are a total of 36 books in this series. Collect them all.




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