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Children’s Book About Elephants

Children’s Book About Elephants

We have probably all experienced the thrill of the Big Top, but what we view as an afternoon of fun means years of torture and solitude for the elephants kept in these traveling prisons.

Elephants are found in places like Africa, Asia and India. In the wild these majestic beasts build lasting and loving relationships among the herd’s members. They do not balance on balls, podiums or wear costumes. For our mere hour or two of entertainment these animals have spent years in abuse, punishment, solitary confinement, loneliness and fear.

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Children’s Book About Divorce

Children’s Book About Divorce

The divorce rate in the world is astounding. In fact, half of all marriages in the US end in divorce and the numbers in other cultures (where divorce is legal) are also on the rise. I was surprised to learn that when you are divorced once, there is a 60 percent chance your second marriage will fail and an astounding 73 percent your third marriage will end up in splits-ville.

So what is the problem? I took a close look at the people I know that are divorced. Some were married too young and simply changed in their attitudes and outlooks on life. Others, one or both of the partners were having affairs and still some found themselves in an abusive situation.

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