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Children’s Book About Kangaroos

The kangaroo is a strange looking animal. With its long tail, powerful legs and built-in basinet, this creature is sure to draw more than a few looks. Let’s take a leap “down under” to learn more about this animal.

Kangaroos are indigenous to Eastern Australia where they can be found living in large groups, called troops or herds (mobs in Aussie). These groups can be as large as 50 members consisting of males, females and their young. Living in these large herds helps keep the kangaroo safe against predators such as the wild dogs of Australia called, Dingoes. Man is also a threat to these animals as they are hunted for their meat. Outside of these two predators, kangaroos are also facing the loss of their habitat.

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Children’s Book About Respect

When did the world become so disrespectful? I remember as a child that please and thank you were not an option and we respected our parents (and anyone remotely older than ourselves). Plus, people held doors open for each other and would extend common courtesies on the fly.

However, good manners may be going the way of the VCR, but things are a lot worse than that. I recently had the misfortune of witnessing a teen boy shoving his…err…nether regions into a girl’s face as she sat on the floor of the mall entrance way. I was mortified as well as being angry at the blatant disrespect this young man exhibited, not only to this young girl, but for himself and all those around him..


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Children’s Book About Parrots: A Kids Picture Book About Parrots with Photos and Fun Facts

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Children’s Book About Disney: A Kids Picture Book About Disney With Photos and Fun Facts

5/12/2017 – 5/13/2017 – B00HSF8EQC

Children’s Book About Science Activities: A Kids Picture Book About Science Activities With Photos and Fun Facts


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