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Children’s Book About Penguins

Let’s face it, Penguins are cool. These flightless birds waddle and bounce their way through life and are always a favorite a zoos, on television or on the big screen. However, they are so much more than what the cartoons portray them as. In this article we are going to explore the wonderful world of the penguin.

A Pair of Adelie Penguins Facing Each Other There are 17 species of penguin and not all of them live in the colder climates. They can be found on the Southern hemisphere (South Pole and Antarctica), while others prefer the warmer temperatures of South America, Africa, Galapagos Islands, New Zealand and Australia.

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Children’s Book About Surgery

This euphemism for surgery is one of many we use to lessen the fear and anxiety that usually accompanies this predicament. But we should be happy advancements have been made in this area of healthcare. Back in the Medieval times, the “cure” for diseases were a lot worse than the cause. Let’s explore some of these mind-numbing techniques that were used to cure all that ailed you.

There were no doctors back in the Middle Ages, so the job went to monks. These men were thought to have better access to medical literature, but that didn’t mean they could do the job properly. And even with all the best “how-to” books for dummies, anesthetics and penicillin had not been invented yet – imagine being awake while a monk takes out you gallbladder or attempts brain surgery – this happened all the time and most patients didn’t survive the ordeal to talk about it..


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Children’s Book About Manners: A Kids Picture Book About Manners With Photos and Fun Facts


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