04-Components-Overview-v2There was a day when thermometers were made of glass.  These had to be shaken down before you could insert it into the mouth or…errr…the other end.  In addition, it took a good five minutes before you could get a reading from it, then it was off you go to sterilize it for the next use. This was simply not practical, so along came the digital thermometer.  Granted these are fater, but there’s still the germ-spreading factor to consider.


If you were to visit an emergency room today, you will most likely have your temperature taken by a tympanic thermometer.  These are inserted into the ear canal for a few seconds to get a reading.  However, to buy one of these for home use can be on the pricey side.  In addition, they can be difficult to use on a cranky baby and forget about taking your child’s temp while they are sleeping – there’s nothing worse than finally getting a baby to sleep, then waking them up to see where their temperature is sitting.  So what are parents to do?  Read on…


A New Generation of Thermometer


bigstock-Pretty-young-woman-is-spending-96167363smallMoms and dads everywhere are discovering the latest technology in one of the most easy and accurate inventions today.  It’s the forehead thermometer and it’s taking the fever world by storm.  Forget about those old-fashioned thermometers that have to go under the tongue, up the bum or in the ear, the forehead thermometer is simple, non-invasive and accurate.


How does it work?


image-5--v4The forehead thermometer measures the infrared energy emitted from your child’s skin.  This is then focused through the lens and converted to a digital temperature value by the thermopile and measuring circuit. Simply put, you press the button (2) and scan the forehead from one

side to another at a distance from 1 to 6 centimeters.  This little device will let you know if your child is feverish by giving 7 rapid, short rings and a red backlit light.  This alert happens when the reading exceeds 37.5 Celsius (99.5 Fahrenheit).  Easy peasy and no guess work for you.  And because it never touches the skin, you don’t have to clean it between uses.


02 Box Thermee Certificates v2In addition, this thermometer can also be used to measure the temperature of milk in a bottle.  Simple scan the bottle the same way as a forehead.  This thermometer will give you the digital reading, letting you know if the milk is too hot or too cold.  What other thermometer can do all that?


Thermometers have come a long way since the glass ones that were not very practical and certainly a pain to use.  Do yourself and your family a favor and grab a forehead thermometer to have on hand in case of a fever.  It can’t cure your child’s illness, but it will take a lot of the guess work out of whether you need to seek medical attention or simply give a fever reducer and wait it out.